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Why Jaipur is emerging as a hub for Property Investment?

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Jaipur, being the largest city in Rajasthan, attracts tourists for its ancient architecture as well as a lot of Property Investors from across the country for its attractive prices and promising returns on investment. The city is looked up to as one of the top prospective megacities for developing India. This expectation is not speculative but rather founded on truth. The advent of several IT businesses, solar energy units, and auto manufacturing groups is transforming Jaipur into an emergent industrial center.

Real estate developers have also started paying attention to the pink city for its rapid rate of industrialization and for being the prime focus of both central and state government for development projects in the city emphasizing IT connectivity, digitalization, urban transportation and overall area development. This increase can also be attributed to infrastructure advancements and the city’s competitiveness with other big cities.

There are numerous reasons why property investment in Jaipur is thriving now and will continue in future. Here are the most compelling ones proving Jaipur to be the ideal city for real estate investment.

Connectivity to other Big Cities

The National Express Way, often known as the Golden Quadrilateral, runs through Jaipur, making it considerably easier to get to the city from all across India. As a prominent tourist destination, it is already well-connected by train and air, as well as has a well-built intra-city roadway.

Transportation and Network

Through rail links, roadways, and aircraft routes, Jaipur is linked to important Indian urban centers. The city is served by three major national highways, NH12, NH8, and NH11. The projected Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, Ring Street, and Gurugram-Jaipur Super Expressway will reduce travel time connecting Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Well Planned City

Because Jaipur is a planned city, the city’s foundation was formed after rigorous research and careful planning. As a result, even if many new projects and infrastructure is developed, the city will not become packed. The most important project currently underway is the creation of a “smart road” in the pink city, which will include features such as CCTV cameras on every electric pole, Wi-Fi systems, intelligent lighting, environmental monitoring systems, information display systems and charging points.

Great Amenities to offer

The city is also recognized for having some of the greatest schools, colleges, hospitals, and other necessities like home services also called Ghar Service. There are also lovely parks, community centers, and retail malls, which provide residents still another reason to invest in real estate. In terms of facilities, Jaipur is no less than any other Indian city. Subsequently, the demand for properties in Jaipur is increasing.

Special economic zone (SEZ) that is home to big MNC

The SEZ areas were established by the government to help organizations and enterprises grow. During the zones, certain well-established IT, infrastructure, and BPO firms are in operation. In terms of job possibilities, Mahindra SEZ is one of the major contributors. It has developed into an IT hub, with major corporations such as Phone Support, GENPACT, WIPRO, etc. Investing in SEZ provides a significant return on investment for financial supporters.

For all these reasons, several well-known real estate brokers are investing in order to supply high-end housing whether it be 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK or luxury flats in Jaipur to the people of the city.

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