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Google Ads Setup & Management

we specialize in setting up Google Ads and using targeted promotion strategies to reach the most relevant audience and location, resulting in valuable lead generation for your business

Our Experienced Google Ads Specialist in Mocaup

Mocaup's Plan & Pricing For Google Ads

GA - Landing


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Note :- Agency fees will be 20% on ad spent for maintain ad, quality checks and pay per click (PPC) improvements


  • Customized Plan
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Creative logo design for startup & Business

Plan Starts ₹999/-

Innovative Website for Your Brand

Plan Starts ₹9,999/-

Maintain your website monthly basis 

Plan Starts ₹499/m

Create social media posts monthly basis 

Plan Starts ₹2,499/m

Facebook & Instagram Advertisement 

Plan Starts ₹4,999/-

Advertise your product & services on Google

Plan Starts ₹9,999/-


Grow search engine ranking of your website

Plan Starts ₹4,999/m

Complete Online marketing package

Plan Starts ₹14,999/m
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