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Best Borewell, Boring Machine in Jaipur, Sikar

If you are looking for best boring machine or borewell machine in your area nearby you feel free to contact us

Our Borewell Machine Services

Best borewell contract in Jaipur, Sikar Area in Rajasthan. Our machine is a newly built automatic machine. We have 25+ years of experience in tubewell, DTH, and drilling work. We have 3 boring machines in hand.

Our borewell machine is new and you can contact us about our machine on this number +91 9414 4444 69

Best Boring Machine

We provide you best boring services in your area. We do boring in o

Near You

We are very quick in our services. We send our machine to your location within 2-3 hours.

Best Compressor

Our machine compressor are new and high tech.

How much a borewell drilling cost?

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25,000* - 2,50,000*
बोरवेल मशीन का नंबर

बोरवेल मशीन का नंबर


what is an automatic borewell machine?

best borewell machine located near you

Automatic means auto work machine.  Our one of the machine is a fully automatic and new purchase from Gujrat, India. A machine which is automatic works very fast and completes your boring in 1 day and few hours. 

Why not second-hand borewell machine works in the borewells?

In the very deep drilling, the second-hand drilling machine doesn’t work. For this need a powerful drill machine. Our automatic machine can drill up to 2000ft. Our drilling percentage is 1000ft +

Our boring machine service areas

DTH machine service areas in Jaipur and Sikar

Divrala, Lisariya, Gotha, Khejroli, Singod, Mau, Shrimadhopur, Khandela, Kanwat, Thoi, Bamalda, Jharli, Raipura, Kaldka, Mandusya, Prithampuri, Hatidya, Ajmeri, Sahapura, Khori, Bisngarh, Triveni, Ajeethgarh, Kariri, Huntapura, Amarsar, Bilandarpur, Kanchalda, Kanchanpura, Kalyanpura, Ringus, Arnya, Maharoli, Nathusar, Bagryas, Mundaru, Chala, Neem ka thana, Hardas ka baas, Chimnpura and Ghata Guwar

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