Sterling Silver Jewellery, the alloy of Status & Style. - Mocaup

Sterling Silver Jewellery, the alloy of Status & Style.

labradorite Silver Ring
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A combined weight of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper come together to make sterling silver. Used throughout history in many different events. Originated in Germany and was the mode of commerce back in the day. With the order of King Henry, it became centralized until it was deposited into Royal Mint in 1843.

Sterling Silver Citrine Gemstone Jewellery

Why sterling silver? Why not pure silver? The difference.

The answer is pure silver which is 99.9%, is very soft and malleable, hence not good for crafting jewellery. Try to make jewellery out of pure silver is gonna break it into pieces or worse.

image 1
Peridot Ring in 925 Silver

On the other hand, fine silver 92.5% with copper 7.5% makes great jewellery, hence named 925 sterling silver from the amount of pure silver used in the process. The role of copper is to make it harder without changing its appearance. Every silver jewellery available anywhere would be 925 sterling silver.

However, there is a catch! Sterling silver jewellery gets discoloured as time passes, the only downside there is, but a little polish will make it look new in no time. Never use any cleaners other than specified, be cautious not to apply much force while cleaning as this could bend the jewellery out of shape or may cause permanent damage. Sterling silver has always been a choice of status since antiquity and always will be! Preserving your jewellery with good care will keep it intact forevermore.

image 2
Purple Amethyst Marquise Ring in Silver

Sterling silver is not just used in making jewellery, yet also used in high-status kitchenware, emblems, seals and other metalworks.

With the experience of many moons, we proudly sell our product in a digital world, we offer integrity, and variety and hell-bent on our promise, we are specialized in rings, earrings, necklaces and our very personal preference “Customization”. We best-sell all the above in 925 Sterling silver yet gold work is also done by our selective artists. A fine work of professionalism makes our clients smile.

Know your product: every silver jewellery is stamped 925 or SS for genuineness. This is done to ensure the integrity of jewellery. You can also use a magnet to discover the truth about it. Diving into a pool while wearing one could be hazardous as silver and chlorine don’t get along. You may experience tarnish effects soon; polishing shall be required to restore its beauty.

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